Short and Scrubby Boar Shave Brush by Zenith 24mm X 48mm. B17


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I had this created as an homage to the 2013 Barbear Classico Cerda, which Semogue created for the Portuguese forum of the same name. Many consider that brush the finest face-lathering boar brush ever made. It certainly is my favorite brush from Semogue. I like it better than the 620, 2000, and SOC.

Unfortunately, the Barbear Classico is no longer available. This Zenith brush is an homage rather than trying to replicate it. The looks are different with the dark stained wood, ergonomic handle, and natural rather than dyed bristles of the Semogue. I also went with a 24mm knot because Zenith brushes splay less than Semogues. The loft is set at 48mm with a 41-43mm effective loft from the glue bump.

Because of this shorter loft, it will take longer than other Zenith brushes to break in. It's one of the scrubbiest Zenith brushes, but because of the finer bristles, it won't fully match the Semogue in scrubbiness.

That said, this brush is one of my all-time favorites from Zenith.

The wood handle is stained very dark, almost black. This brush has a 24 mm premium boar knot handcrafted by Zenith. The loft is set at 48mm. The effective loft is 41-43mm from the glue bump. The total weight is 50 grams.

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