Zenith Pro Plastic XL Boar Shave Brush. 26x64mm. Four colors B3


  • $12.50

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Plastic Handle Professional Shave Brush available in Black, Red, Cream, and White. The handle is similar in construction to the Omega 49 Pro. This brush has a large and dense 26 mm Boar Knot attached to it. This is the standard size for the Zenith Pro brushes, the loft is set at 64mm. The effective loft is 58-61mm from glue bump. Total weight is 76 grams.

It is very similar in size to the Omega 48. While the handle is longer, the actual knot height is the same. The perceived knot height will be less because of how the Pandolfo artisans epoxy the knots.

The new batch of black brushes have a nickel ring on them.

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