Big hands? Carpal Tunnel? Arthritis? Zenith Synthetic Pro Aluminum Brush S4


  • $58.00

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One of the things that I love about the large professional boar brushes is the big handle. I work with my hands and have had some wrist injuries. When my wrist hurts, I avoid small-handled brushes. I don't care how nice a knot is on it; the Pro handles feel much better in my hand. Here is one with a premium synthetic knot in it. 

This brush is great for those with large hands, arthritis, or carpal tunnel problems. The large and extra-large knots work great for face and head lathering. It may also be an excellent gift for an elderly gentleman. 

The Pro aluminum-handled synthetic shave brush with a large 28mm knot. The loft is 51mm, with an effective loft of 43-44.5 mm from the glue bump. The total weight is 88 grams.



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