Aussie Ice By Shannon's Soap. Tallow/Lanolin/Essential Oil 4 ounce.

Shannon's Soap

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I am pleased to offer a high quality artisan soap. I will be offering a selection of soaps from Shannon. She has a larger selection of shaving soaps on her site and if you like her stuff, and want several soaps, Please support her directly. This is a high quality tallow shave soap with lanolin in it. Shannon's description: I know what you're thinking. You figure we took some clay, added it to a handmade bath soap recipe, molded it into pucks, and called it shaving soap. Well, if I did that, I'd have a husband as irritated as his skin would be after shaving with a doctored bath soap. What you see below is the result of extensive research, careful formulation, and daily testing with a brush, bowl, and double-edge safety razor. My shaving soap: . Is hot processed with sodium and potassium hydroxide . Contains added glycerin for slickness and lanolin for a great post shave experience . Lathers up thick for great cushion . Is available in a number of enticing scents . AUSSIE ICE TALLOW-BASED SHAVING SOAP . A TOUCH OF THE OUTBACK IN YOUR VERY OWN BATHROOM! COOL AND REFRESHING, WITH SPEARMINT, EUCALYPTUS, AND A HINT OF MENTHOL. WHAT'S IN IT: TALLOW, KOKUM BUTTER, AVOCADO OIL, COCOA BUTTER, SHEA BUTTER, STEARIC ACID, GLYCERIN, LANOLIN, COCONUT OIL, MENTHOL, ESSENTIAL OILS, POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE, SODIUM HYDROXIDE (MADE BY HOT PROCESS)

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