Pro Aluminum Handle XL Boar Shave Brush. 28x61mm knot. B8


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I special ordered a batch of these brushes to try out. I had them made without the nickel ring on it so that they could put a larger (28mm) knot in it. It is supposed to be a larger version of the B03-A26 brush that I've been recommending for face lathering. Previous batches had a loft of 61mm, these have a 57mm loft. Effective loft is 48-52mm with glue bump.

Metal Handle Professional Shave Brush. This brush has a large and dense 28 mm Boar Knot attached to it. Loft is set at only 57mm. Effective loft is 48-52mm from the glue bump. This makes this brush a great face latherer without the flop. Total weight is a respectable 94 grams.

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