The Big One - Zenith Resin Manchurian Brush With 31mm x 52mm Made In Italy M27


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For a couple of years, I've been talking to Zenith about producing a larger knot. Finally, we've made it happen. This brush has a 31mm Manchurian badger knot in it. The loft is set at 52mm with an effective loft of 43-46mm. The handle is 58mm tall with a total height of around 109mm. It's a hefty 117 grams.

This brush is bigger than what you need. This is not a beginner brush. It will waste your soap and cream.

Some of you, however, have too much product. You are having trouble justifying buying new soaps because your cabinet is stuffed and there isn't any more room. This brush is a solution. It will help you use up that old product and create space for more soaps.

If you like a massive Manchurian (soft with a little scrub) brush and you decide to purchase it, I do not recommend that you use it with your Acqua Di Parma, Xpec, or Santa Maria Novella. Enjoy,

~Dr. Michael P.S. The knot is malformed from cramming it into a too-small box. It will normalize with use.

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