Unbleached Boar Brush w/Retro Black Resin Handle by Zenith. 28mm Knot UB1


  • $37.00

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Many of you have asked for the unbleached version of Zenith's boar brushes. This has a black resin handle with a 27.5-mm boar knot. The loft is set at 57mm. The Effective loft is 47–50 mm from the glue bump. The weight is around 88 grams for the brush. The total height is around 125mm.

You will need to prepare this brush before using it. My recommendation is to soak it initially for 15–30 minutes. After soaking, use a gentle shampoo on it, working it into the knot, then rinse it. Continue to shampoo and rinse, repeating until the smell has abated.

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