Zenith Tall Italian Barber Pro Aluminum Big Boar Brush. 26x70mm Knot. B9


  • $25.00

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This traditional boar brush has the tallest loft in Zenith's catalog. This is not a special order item. It is a traditional Italian Barber brush with an aluminum metal handle. It is meant to be held by pinching the knot rather than holding the handle. Search "Italian Barber ASMR" on youtube and you will see howthis technique can give you tremendous control. Metal Handle Professional Shave Brush. This brush has a large and dense 26 mm Boar Knot attached to it. This is the extra tall size for the Zenith Pro brushes, loft is set at 70mm. Effective loft is 63-66mm from glue bump. Total weight is a respectable 91 grams.

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