Handcrafted Sicilian Ceramic Horse Hair Brush by Zenith. 28mm Knot. H6


  • $99.00

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A couple of orders ago I had the last of the ceramic handles made up. I'm finally getting around to listing them. This has a large horsehair knot. 
Horsehair knots are made from horse hair that has been cut during the natural grooming process. No animals were hurt. They handle water similar to a badger and don't need to be soaked. They break in during use similar to a boar but takes longer. 
The handle is handcrafted by an artisan from Santo Stefano di Camastra in Sicily. Each handle is unique. It has a big 28+mm handmade horse knot crafted by the artisans of Pennellificio Pandolfo in Palermo. The loft is set at 52mm. The effective loft is 42-45mm from glue bump. This brush weighs 109-116 grams. 50/50 Mane/Tail.
Please note that the knots were so big compared to the box that they will be deformed when you receive it. With use, they will bloom beautifully, and will not affect performance. 

One criticism for the Zenith Horse brushes is that they tend to be floppy. These are specially ordered with a lower loft to reduce floppiness. One can always use the traditional Italian Barber pinch, by holding the knot rather than the handle for more control. 

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