XL Zenith Horse Brush Pro Model 28x51 H1


  • $35.00

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Large Pro Aluminum handled horse shave brush. Horse/B03/L has an extra large 28mm knot in it. It is the largest knot that they are selling. The loft is set at 51mm with an effective loft of 43-45 mm from glue bump. Total weight is 96 grams. 50/50 Mane/Tail. No harm is caused to the horse, the hairs are cut while grooming. Because they are cut, they take longer to break in than a boar brush. Let soak and shampoo several times before use. One criticism for the Zenith Horse brushes is that they tend to be floppy. These are specially ordered with a lower loft to reduce floppiness. One can always use the traditional Italian Barber pinch, by holding the knot rather than the handle for more control.

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