RazoRock Blondie Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Posted by Michael Polsinelli on

Joe is selling a Zenith made professional boar brush at an amazing price. He has them under his RazoRock label. The RazoRock Blondie Boar Bristle Shaving Brush. These are the same as the plastic handled ones that I have for sale.
Once again RazoRock has worked hard to bring you both innovation and value.  Our RazoRock Blondie boar bristle shaving brush uses a special process to treat the boar bristles prior to forming the knot. This special process helps to eliminate the traditional "boar smell" or "funk" and also softens the bristles beginning the splitting process that makes the ends super soft.
Pick up one of his, ed or if you want a Zenith branded one for a little more check my store out. And if you love them, like I do, consider an aluminum handled one.

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