Large hands? Carpal Tunnel? Arthritis? Big Pro Handle Silvertip Brush by Zenith

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One of the things that I love about the large professional boar brushes is the big handle. I work with my hands and have had some injuries to my wrist. When my wrist hurt I avoid small handled brushes. I don't care how nice of a knot is on it, the Pro handles just feel much better in my hand. I noticed that Zenith had made a version of this and decided to special order these in. Here are 2 versions with premium silvertip knots in them.  This will be great for those with large hands, arthritis, or carpal tunnel problems. The large and extra large knots will work great for face and head lathering. This may also be a great gift for an elderly gentleman.       


   B02/Silvertip has a respectable 26mm knot in it. Loft is measuring longer at 53.5mm.   Effective loft is 45-46.5 mm (Avg 45.5 mm) from glue bump.   Total weight is 91 grams for the brush. (Why the longer loft? Experiments got mixed in the order. I wanted a shorter loft for my second batch of the large handled  boar with a 28mm knot.)    

   B02/Silvertip/L is a XL 28mm knot in it. It is the largest knot that they are selling. The loft is set at 51mm with an effective loft of 42.5-44.5 mm (average 43.7mm) from glue bump. It has the same 28mm knot size as the 505AK/Extra/L (which is the same brush under the RazoRock Ivory B05).   You can purchase both of these brushes at my ebay store here.         Big Pro Handle Silvertip

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