The Gentle Shave to Zenith Code Cross Reference

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Michael Freedberg has a wonderful wet shaving YouTube channel. I used to watch his videos as I was learning to shave with a DE razor. Recently he was looking for to purchase a Zenith B03-A26. He couldn't find it and settled on the B2 that I carry. When he received it, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the same brush. After an explanation, he encouraged me to post this chart. I hope this helps.  As always, contact me with any questions! 

Dr. Michael

Btw, here is his review of the B03-A26 (aka B2) brush by Zenith.   


The Gentle Shave to Zenith Code Cross Reference        
B1 B02-A28 Aluminum Boar 26mm 64mm
B2 B03-A26 Aluminum Boar 26mm 57mm
B3 B06-80E Plastic/mixed color Boar 26mm` 64mm
B4 B06-90C Chrome/plastic Boar 26mm 64mm
B5 B07-P1 wood/cone Boar 22mm 57mm
B6 B08-2004/T/NIC Plastic/tortise Boar 21mm 57mm
B7 K-Kotibe/NIC Walnut/Kotibe Boar 24mm 57mm
B8 B03-A26-L-28mm Aluminum Boar 28mm 57mm
B9 B01-A50  Aluminum Boar 26mm 70mm
B10 B07-EURO / E Plastic/mixed color Boar 24mm 57mm
B11 SSC/A/BRISTLE/L Ceramic Boar 28mm 53mm
B12 SSC/B/BRISTLE/L Ceramic Boar 28mm 53mm
B13 SSC/C/BRISTLE/L Ceramic Boar 28mm 53mm
B14 B03-A26-L-Short Aluminum Boar 28mm 50mm
B15 B506/Olive/27.5mm Olive wood Bristle 27.5mm 57mm
B16 B07-EUROAL Aluminum Boar 24mm 57mm
B17 Bristle/NEW-205/Wenge/Nic Wood Boar 24mm 47mm
B18 MC/B02-A28 Metal chrome Boar 26mm 64mm
B19 MC/BO3-A26 Metal chrome Boar 26mm 57mm
B20 MC/BO3-A26-L Metal chrome Boar 28mm 57mm
B21 MC/BO3-A26-L Short Metal chrome Boar 28mm 50mm
B22 502/Bristle/N Short Black Resin Boar 24.5mm 47mm
B23 507/N/L Bristle Black Resin Boar 27mm 57mm
B24 NEW-205/Wenghe/Nic Wood Boar 24mm 47mm
B25 B507/Olive Olive wood Boar 27.5mm 57mm
B26 507MC/L/BRISTLE Multicolored Resin Boar 27mm 57mm
B27 505/AK/Bristle L Large Resin Boar 28mm 57mm
B28 Copper/B03-A26-L Copper Boar (copper) 28mm 57mm
B29 507BlueL/bristle Blue Resin Boar (blue resin) 27mm 57mm
B30 506 All Bristle L Aluminum Boar aluminum 27mm 57mm
B31 507IFL/Short/Bristle Italian Flag Boar 27mm 47mm
B32 MC/(B01-A50)L Chromed Copper Boar 28mm 70mm
B33 506/COPPER/Bristle 506 Copper Boar 27mm 57mm
B34 505/Butterscotch/Bristle 505 Butterschotch Boar 28mm 57mm
B35 508A/Bristle 508A Ivory Resin Boar 31mm 57mm
E1 506U/L Horse E.S. Olive wood Extra Soft Horse 27.5 mm 54mm
E2 Copper/L/Horse E.S. Chromed Copper Extra Soft Horse 27mm 52mm
E3 B08-2004/T/NIC Horse E.S. Plastic Tortoise Extra Soft Horse 21mm 52mm
H1 HORSEB03/L/28mm Aluminum Horse 28mm 52mm
H2 HORSE/EUROAL/Nic Aluminum Horse 24mm 52mm
H3 HORSE/506/N/L barber black Horse 27.5mm 52mm
H4 HORSE/506/A/L barber white Horse 27.5mm 52mm
H5 HORSE/MC/L Metal Chrome Horse 28mm 52mm
H6 SSC HORSE EXTRA Ceramic Horse   52mm
H7 506U/L Horse Olive Wood Horse 27mm 52mm
H8 Horse Copper/L Copper Horse 28mm 52mm
M1 MC/M Metal chrome Manchurian 26mm 51mm
M2 505AK/M/L Resin Manchurian 28mm 51mm
M3 506A/M/L (mm 27,5) barber white Manchurian 27.5mm 51mm
M4 506N/M/L (mm 27,5) barber black Manchurian 27.5mm 51mm
M5 506U/ Manchu Olive wood Manchurian 27.5mm 51mm
M6 EUROAL/M/NIC Aluminum Manchurian 24.5mm 51mm
M7 502/M/N black resin Manchurian 24.5mm 51mm
M8 MCL/MANCU Metal chrome Manchurian 28mm 51mm
M9 507/M/A/L White Resin Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M10 507/M/N/L Black Resin Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M11 507/M/Olive or 507/U/Manchu Olive wood Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M12 507RC/Manchu Red Resin Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M13 507/MCB/Manchu Blue Multi Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M14 506MC/L Manchu Multi Colored Resin Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M15 CopperL/Manchu Copper Manchurian 28mm 51mm
M16 507BlueC/Manchu Red Resin Manchurian blue resin 27mm 51mm
M17 506 ALL/ManchuL Short Aluminum Manchurian Aluminum 27mm 51mm
M18 502/M/Blue Oro Blue resin Manchurian gold ring 24.5mm 51mm
M19 507 IF L Manchu Italian Flag Resin Manchurian no ring 27mm 51mm
M20 502 IF / ORO MANCHU Italian Flag Resin Manchurian gold ring 24.5mm 51mm
M21 504/AK Manchu White Resin Fancy Manchurian 27mm 51nn
M22 507/MC/L/Manchu Multi Colored Resin Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M23 506 COPPER Tasso Manchurian 506 Copper Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M24 Barberpole/Manchu Barberpole Ressin Manchurian 25.5mm 51mm
M25 507/Butterscotch/Manchu Butterscotch Resin Manchurian 27mm 51mm
M26 505/Butterscotch/Manchu Butterscotch Resin Manchurian 28mm 51mm
M27 508A/Manchu 508A Ivory Resin Manchurian 31mm 51mm
N1 507/NSint/N/L Black Resin Black synthetic 27mm 51mm
N2 MCL/NSint Chromed Copper Black Sythetic 28mm 51mm
N3 507/U/NSintL Olive Wood Black Sythetic 27mm 51mm
N4 502L/N/Nsint Black Resin Black synthetic black resin 24.5mm 51mm
N5 506 ALL/NSintL Aluminum Black Synthetic 27.5mm 51mm
N6 508A/Sint 508A Ivory Resin Black Synthetic 31mm 51mm
P1 202/Extra/L resin/tortishell Silvertip 24.5mm 51mm
P2 505AK/Extra/L resin/ivory Silvertip 28mm 51mm
P3 505C/Extra resin/horn Silvertip 24.5mm 51mm
P4 EUROAL/Extra/NIC Aluminum Silvertip 24.5mm 51mm
P5 SSC/Extra/L ceramic Silvertip 26.5mm 51mm
P6 SSC/A/Extra/L ceramic swirl Silvertip 28mm 51mm
P7 SSC/C/Extra/L ceramic sunflower Silvertip 28mm 51mm
P8 2004/T/EXTRA/NIC Plastic/tortise Silvertip 21mm 45mm
P9 K Kotibé /EXTRA/L Kotibe Silvertip 24mm 48mm
P10 Euro/TP/Extra/ Plastic/Black w black ring Silvertip 24mm 48mm
P11 B02 Silvertip Aluminum Silvertip 26mm 51mm
P12 B02 Silvertip L Aluminum Silvertip 28mm 51mm
P13 Extra/Barberpole Resin Barber Pole Silvertip 25.5mm 51mm
P14 MC/Extra Metal chrome Silvertip 26mm 51mm
P15 MC/L/Extra Metal chrome Silvertip 28mm 51mm
P16 507/Extra/N/L Black Resin Silvertip 27mm 51mm
P17 507/Extra/A/L White Resin Silvertip 27mm 51mm
P18 502/C/Extra Horn resin Silvertip 26mm 51mm
P19 505/Butterscotch/Extra Butterscotch Resin Silvertip 28mm 51mm
P20 502BP/Extra/Oro Red White Blue Resin w/gold ring Silvertip 26mm 51mm
P21 508A/Extra 508A Ivory Resin Silvertip 31mm 51mm
S1 TS 505AK/L resin/ivory Tsint 28mm 51mm
S2 TS506A/L (mm 27,5) barber white Tsint 27.5mm 51mm
S3 TS506N/L (mm 27,5) barber black Tsint 27.5mm 51mm
S4 TS/B03/L/28mm Aluminum Tsint 28mm 51mm
S5 TS506/Olive/27.5mm Olive wood Tsint 27.5mm 51mm
S6 MC/TS metal chrome Tsint 26mm 51mm
S7 MC/L/TS metal chrome Tsint 28mm 51mm
S8 507/TS/N/L Black Resin Tsint 27.5mm 51mm
S9 507/TS/A/L White Resin Tsint 27.5mm 51mm
S10 TS 502NK/L Black Resin Tsint 26mm 51mm
S11 SSC TS Ceramic Tsint    
S12 SSC TS Ceramic Tsint    
T1 291/TP/NIC walnut Best Badger 22mm 51mm
T2 503T/TP/L resin/transparent Best Badger 24.5mm 51mm
T3 506/TP/A/L barber Best Badger 26mm 51mm
T4 K-Kotibe/TP/NIC Walnut/Kotibe Best Badger 22mm 51mm
T5 TP/505/AK Resin Best Badger 28mm 51mm
T6 TP/506/Olive/27.5mm Olive wood Best Badger 27.5mm 51mm
T7 MC/TP metal chrome Best Badger 26mm 51mm
T8 MC/TP/L metal chrome Best Badger 28mm 51mm
T9 507/TP/A/L Resin Best Badger 27mm 51mm

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