Why Zenith Brushes

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In 2008-2009, I found a brush at a thrift store that was unused. It quickly became my favorite brush and I used it solely for 6-7 years. The logo wore off years ago, but I always remembered that it was made in Italy. As I learned more about shaving brushes, I wrongfully assumed that this brush was made by Pennellificio Omega, the famous Italian brush manufacturer. Fortunately in the spring of 2015, I stumbled across some discussion posts on Zenith brushes, but was unable to purchase one here in the States. After contacting the manufacturer, I decided to bring these special brushes to you. My original Zenith brush has given me (and is still giving me) years of pleasure. I expect your Zenith brush will do the same for you.

Old Zenith boar brush next to Omega 10083

Comparison of knot of Zenith boar brush next to Omega 10083

Dent in handle indicates metal.

Zenith old and new vs Omega 48

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