Aluminum Handled Professional Boar Shave Brushes

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The middle brush was the only brush that I used for 7-8 years


After (some polishing with Mother’s aluminum polish):







I should have polished it years ago.


I currently have two aluminum handled Zenith Professional brushes for sale, One has a 26 mm knot with 64 mm loft. The other also has a 26 mm knot, but with a 57 mm loft. Both brushes have less splay than the Omega Pro 48, and the Semogue SOC. The hair is also finer than the Omega.  Obviously, the one with the shorter loft will have less splay, but both are fantastic  brushes that break in quickly. It’s also nice to have a quality metal handle.

If you like badger, you may want to check out this badger silvertip brush in my ebay store. The handle and knot are smaller,  but the knot is fantastic.














Dense silvertip knot



24.5mm dense silvertip

knot set at 51 mm.

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