Synthetic Shave Brushes

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Very Large Synthetic Knot

In my first order, Antonella Pandolfo included a couple of synthetic shave brushes. One was an older fiber similar to the white Omega Syntex brushes, but with a curled fiber that retained water better. The other was a modern fiber similar to the Omega High Performance Series. I don’t have much experience with synthetics, but I liked the TS (Tasso Syntetico=Badger Synthetic) brush much better than my old Opal with the Pure-tech 4th gen

Top view of Zenith Synthetic Brush
Knot of TS505AKL
knot. When the brushes are dry, I can’t feel a

Knot of TS505AKL
difference between the fibers.  With performance, the Zenith was less floppy and had more backbone.  I decided to go big with these brushes. Hefty resin handles. Large knots (28mm and 27.5mm for the black and white pair).
TS506 Series Synthetic Brush by Zenith

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