An experiment with a large handled boar B03-A26L

Posted by Michael Polsinelli on

The standard size for the Zenith Pro boar brushes are 26mm. I wanted a larger diameter so I asked Antonella Pandolfo what she could do.  She said if we didn’t use an outer ring, that she could get a 28mm knot into it. So, I special ordered a batch of these picture of An experiment with a large handled boar B03-A26L brushes to try out.  It is supposed to be a larger version of the B03-A26 brush that I’ve been recommending for face lathering but the loft turned out a little 

Part of that is because the ring is not there and with the knot set at the same depth in the handle, the other reason is just how they manufactured it. This is still a short brush for a boar knot this size. Effective loft is 53-55mm with glue bump.  Let me know what you think.
bit higher.

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