New Ceramic Handles Coming

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I got this from Antonella:

Dear Dr. Michael,
I inform you that yesterday I went at the laboratory of the ceramicist, in Santo Stefano di Camastra,  to see the new design of the ceramic handles (are higher than the previous, about 58 mm). I send you the pictures of the handles before decoration. Wednesday should send me samples of the handles with the new types of decoration and I will send you pictures.
Meanwhile, I inform you that I have already started manufacturing of shaving brushes of your order. Soon as I know the new prices of ceramic handles, will send you the exact price quote of your order.
Best regards
Antonella Pandolfo
Pennellificio Pandolfo S.r.l.
The pictures are called "ceramica grezzo". Grezzo translates to English as "raw" with "crude," "rough," "course," "rude," and "rustic".   Anyone interested in a large boar version?
Ceramica Gresso"
New Ceramic Handles Coming Soon
Here is one of the current ones finished.

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